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@Klout and the Age of #Influence

@BrianSolis is preaching the end of business as usual. +Robert Scoble is Pied Piper-ing the way to Google Plus. Anthony De Rosa is redefining the breaking news beat. What do all these fellas have in common? They all have a Klout score of 71 or more—which means, according to the social media influence score site, they are setting the standard of influence for the rest of us.

Klout Score: 41
My Klout score as of November 22, 2011

Regardless of what industry you sit in, social media is penetrating the walls of your business communication, marketing, customer service, and sales strategies. But that’s hardly news. What’s becoming a trend is the speeding rate at which we are gaining, and sometime pursuing, influence over others. Ends vary from industry to industry. Journalists and news organizations with Facebook Pages, for example, are on the rise. Marketers are harnessing the power of networking with Twitter and LinkedIn. Content is no longer the end, but the means.

But thanks to the fast growth of social media, the race to gain influence over the masses is now a reality. And time is money. Create a profile on any social network and you are automatically a candidate for a Klout score. Regardless of your intent to participate in social media, your Klout score dictates who you influence and the strength of your influence. In other words, influence has been automated.

Why this matters to business? It matters because consumer decisions are no longer left to billboard ads, TV ads or traditional media with big marketing budgets. Now you, an automatic influencer, can lead the pack, start a movement, transform an @YouTube Video, @Delta Changes Baggage Policy—A Case Study” href=”/2011/06/09/soldiers-make-youtube-video-delta-changes-baggage-policy%e2%80%94a-case-study/” target=”_blank”>industry or simply make some money.

Social media didn’t create this. (Social media is just a tool, according to Peter Shankman.) Neither did Klout. What created this was our most inner desire to be heard or be seen. Call it the age of voyeurism where we volunteer our most private thoughts to the permanent guardians of the internet. Thanks to the automated influence score, voyeurism is no longer a taboo—it’s encouraged. The more you volunteer, the more you participate, the more listening others are doing (even if those “others” are marketing strategists).

Whether this will turn out to be a benefit to society remains to be seen. Web companies are constantly engineering new ways to expand our reach with every Facebook Like, every Google Plus, every ReTweet, every repost. The reach potential is endless. And with every click, we vote a new candidate of influence.

#SMMBootcamp Boy Meets @BlogWorldExpo Girl: A Geeky Story

If you know me well, you’ll understand how simple person I am. What gets me excited? Well, lately it’s been a lot of chatter about the new iPhone 4s (which my friends have been using to taunt Siri), learning American Sign Language, celebrating my birthday in the City of Brotherly Love, and gaining access (I said it @Poynter, I sold out to ACCESS) to one of the most amazing conventions in the world: The Blog World Expo in Los Angeles.

While I’m still spending my evenings helping out the folks at @MediabistroEDU with their #SMMBootcamp this fall, which ends in November, I was delighted to receive an invitation (via my American Fitness magazine connection) to the convention where I will meet many like-minded, new-media-obsessed geeksters who are probably more famous than yours truly.

Normally I would give it a second thought, given my heavy work schedule these days, but one name caught my eye and convinced me that I was DESTINED to attend: Peter Shankman. As I’ve spoken to others about this weird fascination I have with this name, here’s what I’ve said about him: He’s kinda like the Don Draper of PR. I may be exaggerating here but considering he is one of the most sought out names in PR my excitement is quite due.

Suffice to say I went to the Twitter waves to scream out my excitement in getting the chance to see him speak live. And as any good #SocialMedia manager would do, my tweets did not go ignored. None other than the wonderful voice behind @BlogWorldExpo (Lara) came to comfort my excitement. In this conversation, I mentioned how I hope I can absorb some of his genius by just being in the same room. Well, after a few laughs and a day later, I got an invite to interview him one on one. NO WAY!!! 

Am I a little obsessed with this whole blogging convention and meeting Peter? Perhaps. But I’m still focus and devoted to taking this opportunity to help my friend spread word about her cause. Hopefully with the help of a few Red Bulls and plenty of business cards, I’ll draw enough attention to do some good in this world. See? I’m not that bad of a guy, right?

Wish me luck!











[SAMPLE] #SocialMedia Policy, Guidelines and FAQs via Cisco

Ever wondered what a corporate #SocialMedia set of policies and guidelines look like? Well, here it is. This was shared on Twitter via Alex Romano, “SM Business Analyst for #SocialMedia Comms at #Cisco.” For some time now, Cisco has been among the few large corporations to integrate social media to the many facets of its business—from customer service, to marketing, to technical support, etc. And it is always a welcomed practice to see another business experiment in a medium that’s still in its adolescence.

For some of us who handle social media for corporations weary of pesky legal complications, especially as the medium evolves and more widely accepted, this is an opportunity for learning and adapting. Take this with a grain of salt: This is Cisco’s policy and guidelines, and what’s contained in here probably applies mostly to its corporate culture. Every business should adopt its own set of policies and guidelines with the knowledge that not everything should be set in stone. With that said, read on and enjoy.

[Infografía] HootSuite en Español (Translation: HootSuite in Spanish)

Just got word that the HootSuite, web-based dashboard is now available in Spanish. To quote a press release published in Juan Tornoe’s blog site, HootSuite is facilitating this Social Media tool for Spanish-speakers in Latin America and Spain.

Here is an excerpt:

HootSuite is now fully translated in Spanish, but the outreach to began over 6 months ago starting with a Spanish support profile on Twitter @HootSuite_ES, then adding a dedicated section in the Help Desk, followed by Spanish-translated Info Sheets and Case Studies to provide industry knowledge and information. Additionally, Spanish versions of the mobile applications were released in Autumn 2010 for iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry, and Android to positive reaction.

This is probably my first post in Spanish (but not my last), but I figured I’d share this with my Spanish-speaking counterparts in the blogosphere. Or as we say in Spanish, mis compadres y comadres blogeros/blogeras. Below is an infographic, or Infografía in Spanish. Enjoy!

Source: HootSuite

UPDATE: #SocialMedia and @5GumCoachella Case Study

Guess I wasn’t the only one #SocialMedia Case Study of @5GumCoachella using Promoted Tweets” href=”/2011/04/20/infographic-socialmedia-case-study-of-5gumcoachella-using-promoted-tweets/” target=”_blank”>blogging/Tweeting about @5GumCoachella during this year’s Coachella music festival. I stumbled upon this article by Lauren Fisher at The Next Web (TNW), who did an amazing job at reporting details beyond my resources. Only problem with the story is the lack of source on spending Wrigley did on Twitter for its #promoted tweets attached to @Coachella mentions on Twitter. But it’s a far more successful attempt to report on this interesting #SocialMedia case study.

I’ll come back if there are any other updates.

[INFOGRAPHIC] #SocialMedia Case Study of @5GumCoachella using Promoted Tweets

This is an illustration of the @5GumCoachella campaign on Twitter using promoted tweets. I used TweetEffect to see the timeline of its tweets and when it gained/lost followers. Whether its goal was to gain followers or simply spread the word is unknown. For purposes of this blog, and my own, this will hopefully help others make informed decisions on how Promoted Tweets work. In this case it was used alongside the promotion of the Coachella music festival on April 15-17. Below is a description of my Storify trail on this project.

Here’s a quick and dirty look at @5GumCoachella’s Twitter campaign before, during and after the Coachella music festival on April 15-17, 2011, using promoted tweets and links to their YouTube page, which broadcast events live from the festival. See the Storify link here:

How to know if someone’s talking about you

Google, Facebook and Bing aren’t the only kings in search, especially now that people can talk about you in just about any platform that exists on the Internet these days. That’s why man created sites like and Google Alerts.

Now, search yourself, or your business, or your competitor, or your ex, because more than likely there is something being said about you.

Social Media Page

Today I added a professional angle to my blog. Originally this blog was for me to write about running but I have since decided to add more pages to better describe who I am. While I will continue to write and provide updates about running in Los Angeles, I will also provide updates on Social Media, the technical aspects of SM, some SEO and trends related to SM.

With that, I leave you with a list of a few blogs I read regularly to stay up to date with my SM skills. Enjoy.

All Facebook: A blog about Facebook trends, tips, strategies to best use Facebook as a medium.

Comscore: A source of trends and research about online marketing.

Wired Magazine: Believe it or not, this magazine is super essential for marketing people who want to get into the online SEO/SEM game.

Compete / Alexa: Two great sites to track analytics data in case you don’t have some analytics software on your site.